• 2022 Young Contractors Professional Institute

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    Name: 2022 Young Contractors Professional Institute
    Date: January 27, 2022
    Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST
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    Event Description:

    YCPI enables you to:

    • Take on new tasks and responsibilities
    • Improve job performance and productivity
    • Accelerate your construction professional development
    • Increase the value you add to your company

    The YCPI program features:

    • Industry leader instructors
    • Focus on the most important skills for 2022
    • No one-way lectures - small groups and hands-on learning
    • Engagement with BSA Young Designers in all sessions
    • Convenient scheduling 12 sessions January - September

    “YCPI helps our people grow and that’s Commodore’s top priority. Participating in YCPI improves the communication skills of young contractors. It deepens construction knowledge and expands networks. YCPI is an essential component of Commodore’s comprehensive training program.”  Lauren Larson, Senior Vice President, Commodore Builders
    Why YCPI Continues To Thrive and Improve:  The Need / Our Instructors
    The Need.  Through building booms and recessions, YCPI has continued to thrive because there’s a need for it in the construction industry.  Early in your career, job expectations enlarge.  You’re no longer just a designer.  Your company now wants you to take on new tasks:  more project management more communicating with others, writing, managing finances, negotiating, presenting.  You don’t need another degree, but you do need serious exposure, training and development --- and that’s exactly what YCPI delivers.
     Our Instructors.  One of the great benefits of working in the Boston area is our access to some of the best thinkers and thoughtful design professionals in the world.  20+ session instructors - architects, contractors, engineers, owner/clients - all specialists in their topic, assist in teaching and leading small breakout group discussions.  You not only listen to, but connect and engage with them to explore the issues and ideas most important to you.
    Online or Live Programs in 2022?
    Given the Covid-19 uncertainties at this time, we’re planning all sessions to be online.  We’ll be mitigating the constraints of online programs by adding several online networking opportunities.  Moving the program from live to online early in 2020, we made extensive use of several zoom features – breakout groups, Chat, polling and informal networking after all sessions to preserve the interactive learning and networking that’s always made YCPI effective.  As the 2022 progresses, we may conduct select sessions live if conditions permit.
    Program Leadership
    President of Gathering Pace, Inc., William Ronco, Ph.D., founded YCPI 20+ years ago. He directs the program, partnering with AGC Massachusetts. Dr. Ronco also founded and directs the Young Designers Professional Institute, partnering with the Boston Society of Architects.
    Dr. Ronco consults on strategy, leadership and partnering with design, engineering, owner / client, construction, and biotech and science organizations.  He is author of The Partnering Solution (Career Press) and Partnering Manual For Design and Construction (McGraw-Hill). A former professor in Northeastern University’s MBA program, Dr. Ronco earned his B.A. at Rutgers University, his Ed.M. at Harvard and his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    Colin Milberg and Toni Loiacano assist with Institute leadership.  A founding partner of ASKM Consulting, Colin is a construction industry expert in lean methods, facilitation and change management.  He teaches in the AGC’s programs on Lean Construction.  Toni is a senior vice president at Cannon Design.   She has extensive experience and interest in mentoring, presenting new design concepts to client associations. 
    “I’ve been a raving fan of AGC|MA Young Contractor’s Professional Institute and Bill Ronco for more than 15 years.  We have always encouraged and enabled members of our staff to participate in this program.  This is an excellent opportunity for learning and broadening career potential by introducing our emerging leaders to the fundamental skills needed to succeed. The format facilitates developing professional relationships that’ll last a lifetime and inspires participants to be actively involved in our industry throughout their career.” 
    Bill Aalerud, LEED AP, Senior Vice President, Columbia Construction

    YCPI Benefits and Outcomes for Participants
    Training and development are intangible but they produce very tangible results. Key participants’ outcomes from participating in the YCPI program include:

    • Improved ability to add value in their company
    • Increased skills taking on new, challenging tasks
    • Increased performance and comfort in areas that matter most for the company’s performance
    • Improved ability to develop meaningful relationships with clients
    • Increased understanding and ability to connect with other disciplines in their own company
    • Increased performance and comfort in marketing, business development and networking
    • Development of essential skills, e.g. communicating, writing, presenting, managing projects, managing finances, marketing
    • Acquisition of perspective resulting from interaction with peers from other companies, instructors, and interaction with contractors in the BSA Young Designers program
    • Increased focus, job satisfaction and motivation resulting from all the above

    YCPI Benefits / Outcomes for Sponsoring Companies
    Beyond the individual participants, sponsoring companies also benefit from participating YCPI:

    • Improved retention and development of key talent
    • Increased marketing and business development activity and success
    • Improved morale and company spirit resulting from clear demonstration of the company’s commitment to professional development for young designers
    • Acquisition of current ideas and fresh perspective on best practices being developed by other companies and industry experts participating in the program
    • Improved employee alignment with the company’s strategic plan
    • Raised expectations for job performance and productivity from program participants
    • Use of the program to strengthen the company’s efforts at mentoring and coaching
    • Recognition of the company as an Excellent Employer 

    “Elaine’s investment in our employees through YCPI is not only a smart investment in our business, it’s a reflection of our commitment to our clients through continuous improvement.
    William Morash Executive Vice President, Elaine Construction
    “Many individuals from TG Gallagher have attended the YCPI program and benefited greatly not only from the variety of skills attained but, more importantly, from networking with other young professionals from the architectural, engineering, and construction industry.” 
    Shawn Guertin, Chief Operating Officer, TG Gallagher
    “Bond participates in the program to give our young professionals a chance to learn from some of the best and the brightest in the industry in a meaningful way.  The opportunity to share knowledge and experiences has proven invaluable to our people.
    Kathleen Freitas, SPHR, SCP Director of People Strategies, BOND

    2022 Young Designers/Contractors  Professional Institute
    Seminars run 2-5 pm with informal networking after all sessions
    Date Topic Guest Instructors
    Accelerating Your Design / Construction Career. 
    Clarifying and fully implementing your career goals.  Building on your strengths, addressing your weaknesses.  Form YDYCPI Project Groups. 
    Bill Aalerud, Columbia Construction
    Leila Kamal, HGA

    Building High-Performing Teams.  Addressing predictable team problems.  The wisdom of the team v. groupthink. Improving everyday meetings results.  Fully engaging every team member.  Marc Truant, MIT
    Jason Nicastro, Isgenuity
    Improving Your Negotiations Skills.  Recognizing your negotiations style, strengths, weaknesses. Getting beyond Yes. “Never split the difference?”  Negotiating to “win” vs. negotiating for synergy.  Matthew Brett, Mass General Hospital
    Scott Petit, WSP

    HR Issues, Opportunities  HR knowledge young professionals must have:  legal rights, boundaries.  Why and how to ask for raise.  Getting the most from your performance appraisal.  Chris Lind, Payette
    Diana Hasan, CE Floyd
    Kathy Freitas, Bond
    Improving BD, Marketing and Writing Skills. 7 ways to improve your emails.  Why, how to get started with marketing and BD.  Getting comfortable with sales tasks.  Selling without networking:  alternative marketing methods and skills.    Ed Bond, President, Bond 
    Karen Robichaud, Karen Robichaud Assoc
    Legal and Ethical Issues Now The top 10 issues that trigger legal and ethical problems for young professionals.  Liability and Risk.  Negotiating a contract.  What happens when you go to court.  Alexandra Gordon, Esq, Hinckley Allen Rebecca Raphaelson, Esq, Mintz
    What Clients Really Want.  How contractors and architects frustrate clients. Learning and responding to what keeps clients up at night. How to increase client satisfaction and repeat business. Maggie O’Toole
    Jonathan Hayward, MGH
    6/2 Managing Finances.  Increasing project cost controls and profit.  Spotting, addressing project financial problems quickly. Understanding company finances, your role and impact as a young contractor. Mike Glynn, Glynn Electric
    Mark Paronich, Ver-Tex

    Improving Presentation Skills.  Increasing skills, comfort, confidence and influence.  Starting with Why.  Telling a compelling story.  Present less, discuss more.  Improving Q & A for full engagement Kathy McMahon, National Development
    Tom Buie, Commodore Building
    Leading Change.  Building Forensics. The current state of Lean.  Real continuous improvement.  Extreme fabrication.  7 reasons why people resist change.  How, why to initiate change in your own role.  Siggy Pfendler, Columbia Construction
    Shawn Guertin, TG Gallagher
    8/2 From Manager To Leader:  Your Next Steps
    Using a 360 Leadership Survey to clarify your strengths and weaknesses.  Exploring alternate development paths. Setting, achieving your key goals.
    Jason Jewhurst, Bruner Cott
    Mark Caulfield, FL Caulfield
    9/14 Group Projects:  Present, Discuss, Celebrate
    Project Groups present their topics, facilitate discussion with participants, discuss lessons learned, IMHOs and action steps             
    Participants’ invited colleagues, managers and clients  
    Program Leaders William Ronco,Ph.D., Colin Milberg and Toni Loiacano, AIA facilitate all sessions

    Register Now for YCPI 2022 to Reserve Your Place
    YCPI pays for itself many times over in terms of participants’ improved job performance.  By several benchmarks, program fees deliver excellent value:

    • Cost of a typical two-day management seminar at local universities is $1,495

    • Cost to a company of turnover is typically 1.5 times a person’s annual salary

    • Cost to a company of less than optimal performance = Immeasurable

    • Value added to a company by employees with increased skills is enormous and ongoing 

    Date/Time Information:
    All Classes 2:00 - 5:00 pm with informal networking after all sessions

    January 27 - Accelerating Your Design / Construction Career
    February 11 - Building High-Performing Teams
    February 24 - Improving Your Negotiations Skills
    March 8 - HR Issues, Opportunities
    March 31 - Improving BD, Marketing and Writing Skills. 7 ways to improve your emails.
    April 21 - Legal and Ethical Issues Now
    May 10 - What Clients Really Want
    June 2 - Managing Finances
    June 21 - Improving Presentation Skills
    July 14 - Leading Change
    August 2 - From Manager to Leader: Your Next Steps
    September 14 - Group Projects: Present, Discuss, Celebrate
    Contact Information:
    Kara Cady

    AGC MA members

    • $3,100 for the first participant from a company
      • $775 for MCAP Contributors (to be refunded after registration)
    • $2,600 for each additional participants


    • $4,300 for first participant from a company
      • $1,975 for MCAP Contributors (to be refunded after registration)
    • $3,800 for each additional participant

    This program is eligible for MCAP Reimbursement
    MCAP contributing contractors will receive a 75% discount on the registration fee for this program up to $4,000 per company per program and $15,000 per company annually.

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