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    Building Pathways

    Interested in a construction career, but don’t know how to get started? The Building Pathways Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program can help you learn about the industry, practice your hands-on skills, and compete for apprenticeship program openings.

    Through six weeks of Career Readiness and Occupational Skills Training, with classroom and hands-on learning experiences, Building Pathways will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to enter and succeed in a registered union apprenticeship program. You will also receive coordinated case management and placement services to help you achieve their career goals. Once placed in a quality apprenticeship program, you will gain on-the-job training, while earning good wages and benefits, and receive continued support services from us.

    Greater Boston American Apprenticeship Initiative

    If you don’t have a college degree, it can be tough to break into a career with good pay and opportunities for advancement. The good news is that apprenticeship can provide another path to get there!

    The Greater Boston American Apprenticeship Initiative (GBAAI) makes it easier than ever to become an apprentice!

    Gould Construction Institute

    GCI offers construction training to educate our current work force and develop the next generation of trained craftspeople in:

    • General Construction
    • Safety Training
    • Trade Specific Apprenticeship Programs
    • Professional Development
    • Project Management Programs

    North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund

    The Apprenticeship program is a four year, formalized training program approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Apprentices must attend 640 hours of related technical classroom instruction and up to 8,000 hours of on-the-job practical training to graduate.

    North Bennett Street School

    The nationally and internationally recognized carpentry program at North Bennet Street School (NBSS) has a well-earned reputation for excellence and value. The full-time program offers a stimulating curriculum, supportive environment and master faculty and encourages a commitment to excellence and technical mastery. The intensive, 36-week, full-time course of study allows students to jump-start their carpentry careers and quickly earn a return on their educational investment.

    YouthBuild Boston

    YouthBuild Boston (YBB) was founded in 1990 with the goal of providing underserved young people with the support and credentials needed to successfully enter the trades.While YBB promotes the core values of youth development and community service, it stands out as an innovative non-profit offering a hands-on approach to building trades training. Students are put on a career path through highly successful programs, from construction training to sustainable landscape design. Not only do these programs provide opportunities in vocational education, but also academic instruction, counseling and other life skills that readily strengthen and prepare students for the workforce upon graduation.

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